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Size of thumbnails


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In the last couple of days it has become difficult/impossible to embed small thumbnail sized Alamy images within the pages of the discussion forum. They mainly default to the maximum image size, whatever method of transfer you use.


Windows 10  - Chrome in my case.


This may be the result of a commercial decision which could lead to increased sales, in which case I rest my case, but, if not, can we please get back to what we had before?



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Win 7/Chrome drag and drop on page, from live news page.




I did that this morning and it worked for the first of two images, but not the second. Subsequently, when I edited the post due to another find, the small image suddenly expanded out to the larger size. Strange.


As Philippe says, if you copy it from the non text version of the web page, you get the small thumbnail, but I haven't found a way of doing this for live news images which are not (at least as far as I can see) searchable by Alamy code.

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Not bottomed this one yet. This morning I successfully dragged and dropped one photo, but the next one would not play ball and became full size. After sorting that out, I then found another photo and this time got the HTML code on my screen with the invitation to use the Full Editor. Did that when both existing thumbnails jumped up to full size and had to be re-inserted.


The only method that I have found to be 100% reliable is that suggested by Sprocket, i.e. editing the HTML code before you insert the photo, "Just change /comp/ to /thumbs/ or /zooms/" 

However this probably won't prevent the onset of re-sizing if the editor decides to open in HTML mode as happened to me today.


It's becoming more trouble than it's worth to insert a series of photos.

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