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Property Release for Kew Gardens

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This might seem like a little bit of a silly question.

I have a couple of photos of a bench underneath a tree in Kew Gardens in London.


If the photos contained one of the many buildings at Kew Gardens, I would be certain that I needed a property release.

But these two shots are of a bench underneath a tree in what could be park land just about anywhere. But I know it is Kew Gardens and would tend to add 'Kew Gardens' as a tag on the photos as it adds a bit of context.


Interestingly, while doing a Google search to help me decide, I did encounter this:



So I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid or what.. but thought I'd ask other peoples' opinions.


Many Thanks,


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Contrary to micro stock there is more than a tendency that Alamy stock photographers protect themselves by ticking "contains property for which I have no release". This can be breeds of dogs, cattle, certain flags and designs, etc. etc. Even designs of benches that may be somewhat protected.

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