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James - if I go to "Upload" in the top-right corner of my dashboard, I get the options of Stock Upload, News Upload or FTP Upload. Not intuitive until you actually click the button. 


I'll wait until the reports of glitches in FTP die down before trying it, though (having said that, I uploaded 25 images the old way yesterday, and 46 appeared in Track Submissions, so that's not perfect either).  


Edit: I got the email a few weeks ago (not sure why - was after some but before others). I didn't check whether the FTP option showed up on the upload button straight away or a few days later. 

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I've done three uploads with FTP without problems.  I don't go to Upload in Myimages anymore.  I just start my FTP program, put in the details Alamy has provided (after the first time Quickconnect in FileZilla remembers this), and copy my files to the Stock folder. Easy peasy.  Only thing is that the upload doesn't show up in track images immediately, as the online uploader does. 

Frankly, I haven't noticed any big improvements for FTP.  I rather liked the previous online uploader too.

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