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Cut and Paste into Forum Posts

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If I am preparing a post to this forum, unless it is very short, I type it in MS Word and then copy and paste into the post.


I am running two laptops, one with Windows 7 and the other Windows 8.1.


Normally on the main Win7 machine, I use Firefox and the copy and paste routine works perfectly well, as one would expect.


I recently had a problem with Firefox and I uninstalled it, leaving IE7 as my browser.


In IE7 it is impossible to copy and paste into a forum post.


I checked on the other Win 8.1 machine which still has both Firefox and IE installed.  This confirms that copy/paste works in Firefox and not n IE,


Does anyone else have this problem?


I would appreciate any help in getting it to work in IE.


Thanks in advance. . .



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There are issues that have been around a long time based around browser permissions when using text areas and copy/paste operations, as you are allowing the browser to access your system's clipboard.  Potentially a security risk, as a malicious Website could then access your clipboard and history - which could contain all number of things (including passwords, if you have copied one!) - and/or add items to your clipboard for various nefarious purposes!


It's been a good while since I dealt with this stuff, but as I recall, it was generally IE that allowed copy/paste.  Keyboard shortcuts (ctrl + C/ ctrl + V) or right-click should be disallowed, but the icons in the text area should work?  If they don't allow you to paste directly, then clicking on one should pop up a JavaScript-generated box into which you may paste your content.


Most importantly though: please update IE7 to IE11 - that's far more of a security issue for you!

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Thanks for the insight, I had never experienced this problem before, and now I find (at least for the likes of me) quite complicated.


On Firefox, I have always been able to use CtrlC/CtrlV both to paste into the forum and to move things within it.


I checked and I am indeed on IE11.


Looks like I will have to reinstall Firefox, although my anti virus software thinks it is dangerous :(

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Have you considered using Chrome?






I tried to re-install Firefox this morning, which caused a crash I could not repair.  Took the Laptop to the shop I bought it from (5 mins from my house).


They have returned it repaired.   Their advice is not to use Firefox and the recommended Chrome.  So, Chrome is where I am now, and yes you can copy/paste into Chrome. :)

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