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comunication problems


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Its out of sheer frustration that I’m posting this. i keep encountering someone in support called Anand who answers my queries / question with completely irrelevant information [not connected with my question]. i suspect he simple doesn’t read properly and sends off any pre written answer that come to hand. But this keeps happening even after i point out the problem.........I joined recently and am not moving forward till this is sorted, this has already taken much of my time in wasted correspondence.

i can provide the messages in question for you to view. Please look into it

Thanks, mark bogdanovic

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Sorry you feel this way, but having looked through your correspondence with our MS team we don't think this topic is very fair.


We'll avoid copying and posting the 3 mails you sent us, but they are quite confusing in the way they are written. The two email replies you've had from Anand are perfectly suitable for your initial questions and the third email reply from Asha was simply asking you to clarify your initial question.



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