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Alamy Measures / Missing zooms issue - an announcement.

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Hi everyone,


The release of the full page comp (zoom) introduced a bug which meant that not all customer searches, views and zooms were being recorded correctly in the Alamy measures database. The issue has now been resolved and the missing data has been added to the database. The numbers for views and zooms are now showing similar levels to before the full page comp release and the Click Through Rates are also looking healthy again.


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, it took a while to exactly pinpoint the problems and reprocess the data.


A couple of notes:


1 - this affected everyone, so your ranking will not be affected

2 - zooms and purchases were still happening as normal, it was only measures that wasn't recording the data correctly for a short time


By our last count, there was at least 5 separate threads on this issue in the forum so we'll be locking them down now as the issue has been resolved.





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