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Found 10 results

  1. Has anyone else noticed their measures information being much less than "normal" over the last 10 days or so? Since COVID my average daily views have been 1200-1400, and 8-12 zooms, but in the last 10 days or so both figures have been roughly half of those (and consequently CTR hasn't changed significantly) I originally wondered if it was due to August holidays, but it seems rather more significant than that. I wonder if Measures is partially broken? Kumar
  2. Is there a regular cycle for the Alamy Measures bit of My Dashboard (e.g. same time every 24 hours), or is it variable?
  3. I must say, it is very nice to have Measures reported so early in the day! I hope it continues. Kathy
  4. When I am on the forum I often have a look at members photos as I am curious to see what sort of photos they have on sale. But if I zoom on any of them does that get recorded and show up on your Alamy measures?
  5. Armstrong

    Alamy Measures

    Please could 'in the Last Year' be added as an option to the search options in Customer Activity. Both All of Alamy and My Images. In the dropdown box that starts with 'Yesterday' there are plenty of other options (i.e Last month) but not 'Last Year' Also could we have a link direct to the Portfolio in My Alamy rather than clicking through the 'Link to My Images' pages. Thanks EDIT: See reply 3 below for clarification.
  6. I'm a bit puzzled (easily done) by the results I sometimes get when checking for views etc of my images on Alamy Measures. I notice last week that I had had some views of my images of the National Cycle Network - I think it was about 3 but I had uploaded more than that all with the same keywords / order. Today I've noted 4 views of Salamanca Market in Hobart but I have 8 images uploaded, again with the same keywording / order. Any ideas as to why please? Thanks, Gary
  7. Hi, I'm an occasional low-volume contributor. I think I understand Alamy Measures, but there seems to be an obvious omission. When I see that my photo came up in a search, how can I see the picture that actually sold by somebody else? Surely one of the best ways of improving my sales is to see what actually sells. Is there an option I haven't found yet that shows 'Alamy sales yesterday' or something? If not, why not? Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, The release of the full page comp (zoom) introduced a bug which meant that not all customer searches, views and zooms were being recorded correctly in the Alamy measures database. The issue has now been resolved and the missing data has been added to the database. The numbers for views and zooms are now showing similar levels to before the full page comp release and the Click Through Rates are also looking healthy again. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, it took a while to exactly pinpoint the problems and reprocess the data. A couple of notes: 1 - th
  9. I can see the first page of Measures but as soon as I select Yesterday or any date range I get a Microsoft Forefront screen with a host not available message. I got to yesterday when it had first updated but not to any date range since. Anybody else?
  10. I have been trying to grapple with the decline in performance of my portfolio. If I had the information I need I would edit it hard and monitor the performance of my portfolio going forward. It would also inform my future shoots and uploads. What I need is a way of seeing how individual images are performing. How many views, zooms, adds to lightbox has each image had since it was uploaded/ in a selected period? Happy to take it as a monthly download (after getting initial history) and maintain the database on my own computers for detailed analysis. It would be useful to also take a downlo
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