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How would you keyword this image?

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I am not good at conceptual keywording.  I have added "big" and "small" but they do not seem to have any traction.  Do you have any suggestions?

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For starters, how about -- juxtaposition, juxtaposed, [David, Goliath], dwarfed, giant, dwarf, [different, contrast, contrasting, sized, sizes, size], versus, verses, vs, 


The [square brackets] will, at some point, be used in Alamy searches and will place more importance on words close together within them. So a search for "David and Goliath" will have more hits on an image keyworded as [David, Goliath] than as David, blah, blah, blah, blah..........., Goliath.


The keyword "verses" is in there because people can't generally spell "versus". ;)


You could also put the "versus" variants in square brackets with your "little, big, huge, small, large, tiny, et al" descriptive keywords. 


I'm a n00b too so wait until someone more experienced comes along to confirm or refute my suggestions...

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The first thing I would have to decide in terms of order of keywords and their their importance was whether I was going to aim this image mainly as a straightforward stock image of the Costa Serena cruise ship in Istanbul harbour, or as an image mainly representing contrast between the large liner and the small boat. 


If the former I would put something like in the essential keywords, - Costa serena cruise ship liner harbour port turkey  


and then in the main keywords - costa cruise line lines istanbul moored europe european berth berthed cruising holiday ships boat boats cruises - followed by all the words below


If the latter, then in the essential field: big large cruise ship liner little boat contrast


and then main: ships boats big and little large and small contrasting comparison comparing- followed by all the words above 


I would tend to stick with the commonly used obvious keywords rather than using every word under the sun for big and small but thats my preference - others may well use more and there are arguments for and against


I dont use brackets, parentheses etc - Alamy said they were going to introduce them into searches but that was more than 5 years ago and life's too short!.


I note that the search term - big ship little boat - was used as recently as this week!


Good luck!


Kumar Sriskandan

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Thank you for your comments and the reference to "big ship little boat."  I looked in AoA and my image was the 6th one shown, but the reference did not show up in my Your Images list.

Russell and Joel,

Thank you for your comments as well.

Dick Janzig

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