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  1. With an Imac, I use Carbon Copy Cloner to make backups to specific hard drives and the Crashplan family plan which will back up several computers to the "cloud". The contents of all computers is available to any of them so when I travel, I can use my laptop to access image files from the base computer.
  2. http://arcurs.com/2013/07/microstock-sees-its-first-major-setback-in-6-years-and-here-is-why/
  3. I write the caption first. Then use the caption to suggest the most likely terms that a potential buyer is likely to search so he can find the image, inserting synonyms as I go along.
  4. I do a daily backup using Carbon Copy Cloner and a monthly backup which I store off-site. The default software setting keeps current files but also has an archive section, so deleted files (or original files which have been changed/replaced) can be accessed for a period of time which depends on the capacity of the storage device. I've had the experience of retrieving a deleted file that I needed.
  5. I haven't sharpened images sent to FAA, but It's something I'll consider in the future.
  6. I use Carbon Copy Cloner, which I have found to be reliable. The same license can be applied to several machines. Clones are in native format and can easily be searched. Preferences can be set to keep previously deleted files for a time, which comes in handy when a file is accidentally deleted or a glitch throws it out.
  7. Having just returned from a 3-day press trip to a tourist area of Wisconsin in rain, snow and overcast, I was frustrated by the beautiful shots I didn't get. The problem was compounded by a fixed schedule. Next time, I'll find a way to leave the group and go where I can make the best use of the weather.
  8. I have my computer connected through a backup power source to prevent the computer from shutting down when power is unexpectedly lost. I shut the backup power supply off when I'm away for a period of time.
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