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  1. Hi, l have been editing my photos description and keywords to try and improve there searchability. The bar at the top of the editing window remains static and will not turn green from orange, green indicating good discoverability. Can somebody give me advice on how to improve this. Thank you. Chris
  2. I know that the "right" keywords are almost as important as the photo. Therefore from me as newbie a few questions to the experienced contributer: Does it make sense to use the 50 KW as much as possible, even if some very general terms are used? Or is less more? Should the singular as well as the plural be used for nouns or is the singular sufficient? For compound terms, e.g. "aerial view", you should use 2 separate single words or the compound word or both? Sorry, I know a lot of questions, but I hope someone answers anyway and thanks in advance. Tr
  3. New video tutorial: All about keywording in Lightroom. Your comments very much appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have uploaded few images and are QC cleared. However when I try to keyword the images, i get a message saying - There are no ready images. How do I resolve this issue. ? Need help
  5. Hi, i am new to alamy. I've been uploading my photos with metadata to this site. But, my keywords for e.g: apple, fruit, red appear as apple fruit red. Do i have to add comma between them or is it okay without keywords? Any help is appreciated!
  6. Hi fellow photographers and experts, can anyone please help me find this lizard's common and scientific name... thank you. SUMAN
  7. Hi, This is my first post here and my question refers to my initial submission to Alamy. I passed the approval process and I just finished keywording my 4 initial images. Is there a next step I need to to do place this photos for sale? Or does that happen automatically after I save all the keywords and all the information fields? Thanks Dom
  8. When I started with Alamy I was new to stock photography and foolishly uploaded and added captions, locations, tags and other attributes in Manage Images for many of my images. Is there anyway to download a spreadsheet with all this information so I can more easily add them back to my images in Lightroom?
  9. I have just been doing some keywording on some new images and adding some more keywords to images which are already on sale. During this, I accidentally mis-spelled Mediterranean. The spellchecker picked it up, but it started me wondering whether it might be a good idea to deliberately add common mis-spellings. If I can make a spelling mistake, surely a buyer might do the same; or would this be a complete waste of time and effort?
  10. My first 4 images passed QC and I have been accepted. I am filling in the keywords and was wondering if you need to put a comma between the keywords. I have found this is generally necessary but do not know the Alamy procedure and found nothing mentioned in the documentation. Also, this is my first time doing this on Alamy and I was wondering what I was missing in terms of making the images go live after I have finished this process. I do not see any button or tab to click on once I have this all completed. Again, go easy. I am a newb with Alamy. I have gone over the information that
  11. Greetings, folks, I'm new here and have a question: Are Alamy keyword searches case sensitive? I hunted around the previous posts for the answer without success. Don Douglas
  12. Is it possible to amend keywords after submission? I just noticed a couple of typos that slipped through typing on iPhone keyboard. Ooops! My fault, I know, but just wondering if there is a way to correct?
  13. I’ve been posting images to Alamy for a couple months now and I’m trying to make sense of how to optimize my keywording for improved views, zooms and hopefully sales. So far I’ve kept my keywords focused and fairly sparse to avoid coming up in searches that don’t fit the image. I’ve been perhaps a bit too successful since I’m also not getting loads of views and zooms…or sales. I’ve been reviewing My Alamy and find that with few exceptions the majority of searches are simple one, two or three word searches that result in thousands of views. Common words like “race”, “white cat”, “jellyfi
  14. I am not good at conceptual keywording. I have added "big" and "small" but they do not seem to have any traction. Do you have any suggestions?
  15. I should know this by now and I'm sure it would have been covered in the old forum. As an example - if I put White flower flowers, will it be picked up in a search for white flower and white flowers? Or should I put white flower white flowers? John
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