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Who owns this copyright? Public, Monkey or Man?

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There is many a studio photographer who gets an assistant to actually press the shutter when the picture is ready to be taken.

If you dictate your book to someone who notes it down in shorthand then types it up, does the copyright belong to the one who spoke the words or the one holding the pencil?

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Photographer David Slater Explains Why He’s Going After Wikimedia Over Monkey Selfie



Thanks for posting this! Interesting to hear his take!



Interesting. In the video, Slater says that there was an element of intention on his part -- i.e. he wanted the monkey to shoot a "selfie." It didn't happen totally by accident. That should help him in court, I imagine. Hope he wins his case. I'm all for sharing information. However, this is still a world where people have to make a living in order to survive.

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