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Please, please can we return to having our images shown in order of upload, as used to be the case. I often upload images which are either archival or from several years back in my own catalogue, which then disappear into the depths of my collection on Alamy rather than showing up as recently uploaded. The default is 'Relevant' which is entirely meaningless - relevant to whom, or what? The alternatives are simply 'new' or 'old', based on the date taken. I don't know why Alamy saw fit to make this pointless change - and it's b------d up the portfolio order, too.



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20 hours ago, Martin L said:

This works well at the mo to get over this, thanks to Mr Chapman

You're welcome.


There seem to be other changes going on with search results. I recently uploaded a set of images which were created just a day or two earlier and was surprised to find one of the set coming up as the first image using various combinations of search words. Even with search order set to "Relevant", and over 8,00 competing images. It's as if date taken is being given a much greater weighting than it used to be. Even with a broader search one of my images is at number 6 out of 85,000 images. Weird, my Alamy rank isn't that good...



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4 hours ago, M.Chapman said:

...other changes going on with search results.

wow what a mish-mosh;
"Miami Beach" now showing graphics & fern plants
"cruise ship" now showing only posed commercial images
me: expecting drop in sales in ~3 mos, hopefully momentarily...
UPDATE: now back to "relevant" instead of "newest"
Edited by Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg
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