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Vote For Best Photo For February Challenge - Old People

(for Betty LaRue) Vote for Best February Challenge - Old People  

37 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favorite "Old People" photo

    • 1- Steve Hyde - Hoot For Peace
    • 2- vbFolly - Elderly Man Holding Card
    • 3 - Tony ALS - Recreation of Victorian Times
    • 4 -NYCat - Photographing a Penguin
    • 5 - cbimages - Elderly Aboriginal Man Playing Music Sticks
    • 6 - Colin Woods - Grandfather Fixing Granddaughter's Hair
    • 7 - David Fowler - Couple on a Greek Ferry
    • 8 - Ed Rooney - English Couple Reading a Map of Rome

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  • Poll closed on 07/03/24 at 22:59

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14 minutes ago, StokeCreative said:

congrats Steve, clearly the stand out winner

 Thank you Hugh 🙂. How was your trip to Bristol Docks?

Edited by Steve Hyde
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2 hours ago, Steve Hyde said:

 Thank you Hugh 🙂. How was your trip to Bristol Docks?


Hi Steve, It was good, first time camping there. weather was a bit crap but still took a few pics. Then got tonsillitis :(

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4 hours ago, Tony ALS said:

Takes a great image to win as always. Congratulations Steve!


2 hours ago, David Fowler said:

Congratulations Steve! Looking forward to seeing the next challenge you set.

Thank you Tony and David :)

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Looking forward to your challenge, Steve! Your image rather blew me away. Happy I chose a subject that highlighted a portion of the population often ignored and considered insignificant, who still have quality time and a zest for life as demonstrated by all of the great submissions.

Edited by Betty LaRue
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