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Contributor Survey results

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Hi All,


We've posted a summary of the Contributor Survey results on our blog which you can find on the link below:


2023 Alamy Contributor Survey results - Alamy Blog


For obvious reasons we couldn't share all the data, but we have looked at all the responses and are taking this information to help improve and develop the Alamy platform for contributors in 2024.





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I've read the Contributors Survey Results with interest.


In particular I noted the section titled "Action points...2024" for Quality Control:


"...our work in this area will become more defined so that content will have to fit into some or all of these four cornerstones: Accuracy (Is the metadata accurate); Relevancy (Is the content relevant for the customer); Legality (Are images marked for usage correctly if there third-party rights issues); Aesthetics (Based on quality and traditional QC standards)."


Regarding cornerstone points 2 and 4 above is this saying that we can anticipate "Relevancy" and "Aesthetics" as additional QC requirements to the current technical standards?  

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22 hours ago, gvallee said:

I wonder if it means that the Alamy collection will now be curated for future uploads?

I think "positive": If they do not accept my images they will lose more (60%) than I (40%).

But in the way as it goes for me this year, I do not see any real value in this "business" anyway.

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