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I'll jump in, no matter what it does to my confidence.


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Most of your images seem to fall into 2 categories; places like Venice and Rome that have been photographed a million times, and more obscure stuff like the trains.

A pic of a Venice tourist hotspot has to be VERY GOOD to sell. There is so much competition.

Some of the other railway pics are good and have real potential, but have two word captions. "Skagway Alaska" - needs much more information and more keywords.


Also image 2RD1DPR and a few others are captioned as Cesky Krumlov - they are Bratislava

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The others have covered the guts of it but my addition is to be mindful of creative opportunities arising from the seemingly mundane. As an example image 2RG0038, with a better crop (get rid of the door of the car you're in, and the others behind it) that would be a very nice, potentially saleable photo.


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5 hours ago, Wahavi said:

My remark: ID 2RD1DT3 is clearly not Linz, Austria, but Budapest, Hungary with a typical yellow tram and a portion of the Szabadsag Bridge over the Danube.

Well spotted!



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