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Have you found any Alamy photos July 2023?

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01/07/2023, Guardian, p2, Neal Lawson, J50EEW, Brayan Lopez
01/07/2023, Guardian, p15, outside Starbucks in Santa Monica, PT1545, Melissa Kopka
01/07/2023, Guardian, p22, Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', DXKJFF, PARAMOUNT PICTURES/Ronald Grant Archive
01/07/2023, Guardian, p45, Savoy hotel, J8MEDF, Justin Kase zsixz [Alamy credit only]
01/07/2023, Guardian, p46, 2022 burst water main in N London, 2JN063K, Jonathan Brady/PA Images [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/07/2023, Guardian, p50, Direct Line website, RA4HHW, M4OS Photos [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p40, still from 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny', 2MYYN6M, Album [Alamy credit only]
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p70, carnival in Lublin, EYJB5P, Jacek Bakutis [cropped]
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p71, Lublin, 2B9MTTC, Bernard Bialorucki
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p71, graffiti artist in Lublin, 2R6R1JH, michal812
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p72, resting on a bench in front of the Wilder Kaiser mountain, HM6R5M, Stefan Sassenrath/mauritius images GmbH
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p73, Marsican brown bear, DB1R4K, Paul Harris
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p73, Biarritz, M111GN, Boris Stroujko
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p73, Cinema Rif in Tangier, 2CD9E74, SOULARUE Guillaume/Hemis.fr
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p73, Istanbul, B4G0G9, Peter Horree
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p74, El Palmar beach in Spain, MTFK1R, Juan Antonio Orihuela Sanchez
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p75, museum in Lisbon, 2B12AGK, Juha Puikkonen
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p75, Plaza Larga in Granada, R0YTAT, M Ramírez
01/07/2023, Guardian [Magazine], p75, Zagreb cafe, E876Y7, Nino Marcutti

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02/07/2023, Observer, p3, cast of 'Trainspotting', credited to Alamy but too many to say which
02/07/2023, Observer, p21, still from 'The Devil Wears Prada', FWNDG3, Collection Christophel [Alamy credit only]
02/07/2023, Observer, p25, Billy Nomates at Glastonbury, 2JE72GB, Ben Birchall/PA Images [Alamy credit only]
02/07/2023, Observer, p34, full supermarket basket, H3K1WX, Frankie Angel [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
02/07/2023, Observer, p34, car keyring, BJMHHM, Marek Kosmal [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
02/07/2023, Observer, p35, hand holding iphone, HDM20D, Oleksiy Maksymenko Photography [RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
02/07/2023, Observer, p44, Juggler in former church, AGGF1B, Jeff Morgan 06 [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
02/07/2023, Observer, p56, person with piggy bank & calculator, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
02/07/2023, Observer [Review section], p42, Ruthin jail, 2E8X34K, David Pimborough
02/07/2023, Observer [Review section], p44, boxer, B77FEK, Hill Street Studios/Tetra Images
02/07/2023, Observer [Magazine], p19, pyramidal orchid, B18R8Y, Gemma Day [Alamy credit only]
02/07/2023, Observer [Magazine], p19, marsh helleborine, CC5NR1, Richard Becker [Alamy credit only]
02/07/2023, Observer [Magazine], p19, common or chalk fragrant orchid, DJ0YF8, Malcolm Schuyl [Alamy credit only]
02/07/2023, Observer [Magazine], p19, common twayblade, D37D5A, mark saunders [Alamy credit only]
02/07/2023, Observer [Magazine], p19, creeping lady's tresses, CTX5JM, PAUL R. STERRY/Nature Photographers Ltd [Cutout. Alamy credit only]
02/07/2023, Observer [Magazine], p35, Aberteifi, B9G8TR, keith morris [Alamy credit only]

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USA, The New York Times online, July 2nd 2023


For an article on the failed Ocean Gate submersible, a photo of the submersible and the bow of the Tintanic were used.  Photos were credited to Ocean Gate but what I found had credit lines of, American Photo Archive 2R86FN6 and 2R86FGM

Edited by Michael Ventura
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03/07/2023, Guardian, p11, vet checking kitten, W3W5D5, Elena Ray
03/07/2023, Guardian, p17, Orkney, RKHM6D, Angela to Roxel/imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
03/07/2023, Guardian, p19, aeerial view of Sandringham House, G2CF6A, Cambridge Aerial Photography

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04/07/2023, Guardian, p28, City AM newspaper stand, 2HJ6XKT, Chris Batson
04/07/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p3, cattle feedlot in Colorado, 2AB4XKC, Jim West
04/07/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p5, home packed with hoarder's possessions, 2EYEHA0, MCT/Sipa US [cropped to vertical]
04/07/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p6, woman surrounded by clutter, EJJ3JN, evan Hurd


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05/07/2023, Guardian, p3, albatrosses, BRAAWM, Bluegreen Pictures
05/07/2023, Guardian, p3, Byker Grove, B4WBYX, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix [Cropped. No credit - poss not via Alamy]
05/07/2023, Guardian, p21, Stromness, RKHM6D, imageBROKER.com GmbH & Co. KG [Alamy credit only]
05/07/2023, Guardian, p31, Le Pain Quotidien bakery, T631XX, UrbanImages  :)
05/07/2023, Guardian G2, p6, Cary Grant & daughter, C5M945, Pictorial Press Ltd [Alamy credit only]

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Guardian Online



Ashley Cooper pics


Tristan payne


Izel Photography




Andriy Popov


Newscast Online Limited


Guido Paradisi


Nick Sinclair




Brian Harris


Chris Robbins


Tero Vesalainen


Joe Rey




Geoffrey Robinson


Simon Stirrup


Victoria Simmonds









Edited by Nigel Kirby
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06/07/2023, Guardian, p3, still from 'Mission Impossible', 2R1CHKK, FlixPix
06/07/2023, Guardian, p4, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CFE16B, Richard Cummins/robertharding
06/07/2023, Guardian, p5, Grange-Over-Sands railway station, credited to Keith Douglas/Alamy but I can't find it
06/07/2023, Guardian, p29, Canary Wharf, E64PCF, Robert Stainforth
06/07/2023, Guardian G2, p3, beer bike in Ghent, GWJ4H7, anton havelaar [Circular crop. No credit - poss not via Alamy]



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4 hours ago, Bryan said:

SJAdvertArchive 1966 magazine advert advertising holidays in Bermuda.  2AD30XF


Welcome back Bryan, hope you had a good break - thanks for finding this one  :)


07/07/2023, Guardian, p5, clock tower in Salisbury, 2JPCR93, Slawek Staszczuk
07/07/2023, Guardian, p19, swift emerging from swift brick, W8TWPE, Simon Stirrup
07/07/2023, Guardian, p20, sunbathing in Ibiza, A35989, Alex Segre
07/07/2023, Guardian, p27, items from the Lombok treasure, EC8748, World History Archive
07/07/2023, Guardian, p29, 'plane taking off from Gatwick, PKHBMM, Richard Higgins
07/07/2023, Guardian [Journal section], p6, Tyrone O'Sullivan, AHYA3B, Jeff Morgan 13


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8 hours ago, SShep said:


Welcome back Bryan, hope you had a good break - thanks for finding this one  :)



Cheers Steve, always a pleasure to find an image from another person contributing to this thread !

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