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do movie-TV scene sites license when offered as stock photography?

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(continuation of topic buried in "good thing that happened" thread)
as opposed to assignment shooting;
do you regularly shoot movie-TV scene sites in your travels?
all movie scene sites or just the most famous?
do they license only to low fee bloggers or also to better paying?
your input is sought by all...  🎬__ 🎬__ 🎬
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  • Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg changed the title to do movie-TV scene sites license when offered as stock photography?

Of the photos I shot on Corfu, related to the Durrells, a few have sold...don't remember the prices.  The Durrells were real people who lived there in the early to mid 1900s and I think that because of the BBC TV series, there was a lot more interest for photos related to that family.  One of the sons wrote a very popular book called "Corfu Trilogy"

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Not very many I must admit. But then again I only have a few online.

The best so far has been an image of that beach with the geese from Indiana Jones. It fetched around 330 gross in total. The others together under 100 gross in total.

However these are rather obscure locations. Not the James Bond; Game of Thrones or Notting Hill places.

And then there's that one image that is of a movie location, but was most probably never chosen for that. Which may even be true for the rest as well. But this particular one brought in 1060 gross in total, licensing 19 times. With a couple of covers among those. But also at least 4 times as novel use. I just noticed it has no keyword like film or movie or location. Duh.

And then there are these iconic places that turn up in countless movies, like Big Sur Bixby Bridge; Carmel; Monterey; The White House; Berlin Brandenburg Gate; The Eiffel Tower or the Canals of Amsterdam.

If you browse Alamy for the keywords movie location or film or filming location you get around 80,000 images.

All of Alamy is not very cooperative tonight, so you'll have to do your own research there.

Searches usually are something like this Star Wars Locations UK.  Or Star Wars Locations Europe.

And articles that then use those images look like this or this.



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I've licensed one film location with a connection the "Wicker Man" (1973)  a few years ago- IIRC that's what it was searched on. But I didn't know it at the time, it came up in keywording research. The other images of it on Alamy don't have the connection.

But I don't research them in advance. I don't research anything in advance.

I have one other location for some Hammer horror films that has licensed, but not for that reason AFAIK.

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Oh I forgot that I had this photo sell.  It was taken on little island in Alabama and the movie set for the movie "Big Fish" was partly filmed there at this fictitious town called "Spectre"

They never tore down the set and now it has become a tourist attraction.  For $3 you can come on the private island and camp if you want but all the set homes and church are locked up.


If you haven't seen the movie, it is quite good if you like the director, Tim Burton....very whimsical.




Another frame below that has not sold yet.



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