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On 03/02/2023 at 03:28, gvallee said:


My parents had one. It looked familiar but couldn't remember the make at first.


They were quite common in Montreal during the early 60's. My parents bought a Renault 8 in 65. The engine was in the rear. This gave it more traction in the snow than the huge American gas-guzzlers of that time. It also had seat belts, which made it way ahead of its time. Renaults were très cool little cars.


P.S. They were funny-looking, but that was to be expected since they were French. 😎



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I remember seeing a car lot in California that was selling Voltswagon bugs & Renaults. I had never seen either before. I thought them strange, & thought the weird-looking bugs would never catch on. Little did I know.  I liked the Renaults.

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