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Is there any way to defeat having an entire batch refused because one photo did not pass ("failed" in QC



It is incredibly frustrating to have a batch of 20 picture fail QC because one photo apparently failed. There is no mention of which particular photo was the problem, just all refused as failed.


I have tried breaking the batch up into small loadsand apparently they will faill all photos submitted on the same day because one di not meet their QC. That did not help.


Now I resubmitted four of the "failed QC" batcvh and they passed.


Any ideas how to get around this silly process?

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+1 to what Jill and Doug said.


QC sampling works on the basis that finding a failure is an indicator that there is a higher risk of troublesome images lurking in the remainder of the batch. The sample size is determined by statistical means, balancing confidence levels with cost.

Rejecting the batch may appear harsh but it places ownership of the problem with the only person who can deal with it, the contributor.

It's not a system that leads to loopholes and compliance has benefits for all of us.


Good luck.


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Alamy usually lets you know which image failed and why, so you won't resubmit that image or correct the issue if you can. Contact them to find out which was the bummer and why.


Alamy expects us to do our own QC of our images at 100% so they don't have to go over every single image submitted.  If you have a good QC rating, Alamy will only QC a few images of a submission and then pass them all.


If you keep getting failures, Alamy will be scrutinizing your images and if failures happen to often, they will restrict your uploading ability for a period of time.


QC is very time consuming.  If Alamy had to look at every image, then their costs would go up and our piece of the pie would get even smaller.


Instead of trying to find a loophole, check all your images at 100% before submitting.  If you are debating on one, don't submit it. 


Alamy wants professional contributors who would only submit quality work.



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