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Found 7 results

  1. It is incredibly frustrating to have a batch of 20 picture fail QC because one photo apparently failed. There is no mention of which particular photo was the problem, just all refused as failed. I have tried breaking the batch up into small loadsand apparently they will faill all photos submitted on the same day because one di not meet their QC. That did not help. Now I resubmitted four of the "failed QC" batcvh and they passed. Any ideas how to get around this silly process?
  2. I contribute at a few stock platforms and Alamy is the only one that does QC on a submission/batch level instead on an individual level. So I upload 15 photos, my submission failed, and I have no idea at all why and no idea which photo was the reason for it. How should I learn about that so that I can correct the single photo or leave it out. Now all other photos got rejected as well. From my point of view a very strange approach to do the quality control. One or more images failed QC. This means the remaining images have been rejected without being assessed. I really do not know how to deal with that.
  3. Good day to all reading my message here. I'm a new contributor to Alamy, and my most recent submission was once again failed by the Alamy QC team for a second running time. Reasons given were; (1) Noise, and (2) Out-of-focus. My photos are all taken by drone shots by setting to 48mp, featuring pictures mostly of: 1) changing landscapes 2) environmental impacts of deforestation 3) global warming; since these are what Alamy are seeking based on their current requirements. Before my submissions, I ensure these pictures are filtered for noise reduction and with no other touch-ups since the quality itself is excellent enough to hopefully pass QC. I do, however, acknowledge that the pics include the whole landscape covering a wide area since they are taken above ground level at bird's eye view. Is that why Alamy says my submissions are "out-of-focus"? So, my questions are: 1) does filtering for noise reduction contributes for further noisy-grainy results as mentioned by QC? 2) how do I reduce the out-of-focus issue, being these pictures are and will be taken by my drones each time? 3) how do I get pass the QC, as at the time of this writing, I'm still caught at the "waiting / holding period" for 3 basic picture submissions to be passed before my work can be up-on-sale-stage? Awaiting for all your kind advice and comments after this. My thanks in advance.
  4. Good day I'm new here, submitted my 3 pics and 2 were rejected. i cannot upload new pics. What do I do?
  5. I uploaded a bunch of images on sunday, still not through quality control. Anyone else waiting to pass? Or?. Go to jail don't pass Go.
  6. I uploaded 51 images yesterday but they are still processing with grey boxes. I should have uploaded just a few at a time, I know, but I forgot. Now I am not sure what to do. In the past if I reuploaded, some of the orignal ones eventually came in and then I had two of some images, which is a mess. I wish I could just delete the ones I uploaded or clear them some way and start over. Should I just assume that those are forever stuck and re-upload, or just wait indefintely to see if they go away or something? When I did that before (yes, I should have learned my lesson) it took weeks or months for them to go away. I'd like to know how Alamy would want me to handle this situation or how other contributers do it. Thanks.
  7. My account was recently unfrozen after having a submission fail QC. How do I delete the failed submissions? Thanks
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