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In Praise of Tineye

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When I first started to search for Alamy shots in the papers I found Tineye to be a useful but not 100% reliable tool, while there were restrictions on the number of searches that could be performed. Moving on I find the software to be much improved, it hits the target more often and is rarely wrong, while the usage restrictions appear to have gone. It's not perfect, tight crops cause it to struggle, but for a piece of freeware you can't complain.


I've not tried it to discover illegal usage of my photos, life is too short, but I guess that it would be good for that too.

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my experience with Tineye, being one of the automated search in package i use to track infringement, is that most time all it finds is the stock photo version of images (with "Sponsored" notice), so i can understand the use of it to track down what Alamy asset was that was used, but limited use the other way around. 



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2 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

I used Tineye fairly often before Google Images became popular. These days, I too am lackadaisical about chasing infringements. It's not something I've ever enjoyed. Shall have another look at Tineye. I've always liked the name but have no idea what it means.


Not profound in any great way, but their blog enlightens on the matter.

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