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Feedback appreciated for a new contributor

Vic Thornley

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Hi All.


I am a new contributor and would really appreciate some feed back both photos and keywording. I struggle to come up with 40+ keywords that are relevant, i don't want to appear to be keyword spamming. I am first and foremost a nature photographer, mostly birds.


Many thanks in advance

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Ditto what John says above. We've collectively decided that you don't need to get the discoverability bar to green - just include as many relevant keywords as you can without spamming.


Ditto beautiful images!


Your captions are too short, be aware that they are also searchable by clients. Include the Latin as well as the common name and the location. Some helpful links:





Good luck,


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Many thanks guys. How far should i go with captions, hopefully scientific names get picked up from tags in images, do you mean include them also in captions?, will check through them again. I have just noticed captions are limited to 150 characters.

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I put them as many places as possible because a test of the weighting of elements that might bring your image up sooner is a search shows that having both supertag and caption is helpful





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On 02/09/2022 at 02:39, John Mitchell said:

Don't worry about finding 40+ keywords. The whole "discoverability" thing is for the birds, as the saying goes.


Beautiful images. Best of luck.


How do I find the link to the pictures?

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