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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Alamy Friends, I'm a new member. My initial 3 test images have just been accepted (according to an email received 36 hrs ago). The email invites me to annotate them in the image manager. However, they still appear to be in QC and I can neither annotate them nor send any further images. Am I missing something or is this delay normal? Any advice gratefully received. Thank you. Peter Lawson
  2. Hi all, I am a newbie from Cardiff and have recently started uploading images to Alamy after a friend recommended it. I am interested in landscape and outdoor photography. I will make sure to read the forums for any possible Q&A that I might have!!!
  3. Hello from sunny California, where we're having a mighty heat wave! But I'm keeping cool in the studio with the cat and the fan (and a jug of ice tea by my side ;-) I've uploaded some photos and some art and would love feedback about my keywording as well as content. I'm hopeful to connect with other people submitting illustration. Maybe one other thing I could use help with.... I've been a member for a few days now, and my posts aren't being allowed to show up. I'm also not "verified" so perhaps someone can clue me in so I can start participating. Looking forward to having a meaningful community Tnx, Kristin
  4. Hi, my name is Susan, and I just started on Alamy, less than 48 hours ago. My first set of submissions, failed...because one of the four pictures was not sharply enough in focus. If one fails, the whole set fails. My second set, passed...and I am now waiting for the third set to get through QC. I love taking pictures, and also creating digital photo art out of some of my photographs. But, I find things like marketing, distasteful...and that is putting it mildly. Also, I have a problem with tag words. I have a problem with being able to think of very many. I am sure, that I would do much better in selling my photographs, if I could come up with more good tags. I guess I just don't have that great of an imagination, or something. I saw this morning that there is a great software program which does a great job with creating tags...but the standalone is $199, and I cannot afford it. The plug in version for Light room, also has monthly charges...and I can't afford that either...plus I don't have Light room right now. Does anyone know of any links to websites that just have lists of tag words, so that you can just read through the lists, and choose any that apply to the photograph you are trying to tag? I know that may sound silly...but if such websites exist...it would be a great help for broke people with fewer other options. Thanks to anyone who knows of such a thing, and lets me know.
  5. Hi I've just joined Alamy, looking forward to submitting photos for other to enjoy. Haven't been able to upload any photos yet, keeps coming back with error message. Hoping the support desk will be able to help when back in on Monday Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Sue
  6. Hello. I am a new member and Just accepted to upload to Alamy. Hope you will enjoy my portfolio.
  7. Hello friends, I am new to Alamy. I uploaded few images.I am a IT professional based on Bangalore and weekend photographer, I shoot random. I saw collection of the images here. It's amazing. Waiting for my first sale to be happen. Best of luck fellow contributors. Regards jkjainu
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