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Could this be Cairns?


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Thanks Betty though I can't take any credit apart from getting permission to publish it etc


I'm confused by all the roads - maybe it's a layout for a campsite because the grass is all mown and tidy unlike what it would be if houses were going to be built there. 


Think I'll hunt around Google maps for a roundabout 😁

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Thanks for looking, That could be the answer, The mountains certainly seem to conform that it is Cairns and that fits in with other pictures. The trouble is that after 66 years they are all a little out of sequence 😄


I think that is enough to write a reasonable caption - maybe I'll email the resort/campsite and see what they say.

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41 minutes ago, Alexander Hog said:

Yes it does look like something you would see arriving on a plane  arriving at Cairns recognise them Was in Cairns in May 2019 


I lived in Cairns for a year and a half but did not immediately recognise it. If it's indeed the Coconut Grove caravan park, Worree is the southern suburb of Cairns and planes do fly over that area. That would be the airport approach with Worree on the left and the Coral sea on the right.

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If anybody is curious to see more of these 1956 pics of Australia they are here:




I haven't done many captions as yet - most will be heading for Alamy but not all. I am doing more than I otherwise probably would so that the family can see them.

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