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What is CTR?


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Hi, I'm new to the forum, I've been posting photos on several microstock sites since 2015, what is CTR? How do I find my CTR?


I apologize as I think this is a ridiculous question but I needed to ask. What would be an acceptable average sale today at Alamy?

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  • CTR comes from you Alamy Measures page...


How is this data collected?

This data is collected from the search activity of our paying customers. It records searches, visits, views, sales and zooms.

How to use this page?

Use this page to identify pseudonyms that are performing well or badly relative to one another. Pseudonyms with a high click through rate (CTR) will be receiving more zooms relative to views than pseudonyms with a low CTR. This is important information because the ratio of zooms to views is one of the factors that influences your AlamyRank score.



  • What would be an acceptable Sale?


My opinion is to think about the value of your whole portfolio not individual sales.  The range of licences is so very wide; from $ to $$$


  • Alamy is good at editorial stock and as such is driven by good captions and keywords. Look at 2F9724W, your caption is "Close up of notepad and business woman writing" this is too vague.  The false teeth are in focus, they are the subject.  My version would be "False teeth or dentures, woman taking notes with pen and pad in background" Your keywords are too vague, what has University got to do with it? Maybe dental school! No mention of teeth in the keywords.




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Your pictures will appear at a certain level (e.g. first page, 10th page... etc.) in searches by clients, depending on various factors. CTR and Sales are the only factors we know about for sure in the secret formula Alamy uses to set our search ranking. Your CTR rank (on your Dashboard) is a function of the number of times a client zooms (clicks on) one of your images versus the number of times your images appear in a client search, but are not zoomed.

CTR=Zooms/Views * 100

This is basically a long way of me saying, don't spam keywords. E.g. don't put sky, blue, clouds for every single outdoors picture you shoot. There is a tendency to try to put lots of keywords for your images to try to get them seen by clients. So they may well appear in searches, but if they're not zoomed by a client, your CTR rank will drop. Which means your images won't show as high up in client searches. You don't want your images to get buried in the 280 million images on Alamy. By all means, put a lot of keywords in for certain pictures if they're relevant. Captions and keywords are almost more important than the image itself because you can have the most amazing images ever, but if they're keyworded wrong, no one will ever see them.


Include variant spellings, in particular British and American spellings. Also include singular and plurals  of words if appropriate. Don't worry about moving the line to optimised (green) - we have collectively decided that this is not a good idea unless you really need that many keywords.



Regarding sale price, see here:



But it's a different business model here. Individual licenses rather than bulk discount licenses. You may harm your sales here if you have the same images elsewhere for much lower prices.


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On 10/12/2021 at 20:33, meanderingemu said:

Hi @Steve F, next question, What is a $$$ Sale 😭.  I hear about them on this forum.  


On 11/12/2021 at 08:15, Phil Crean said:

Rare as hens teeth! 



More like pixie dust, I've had 1 this year, out of 97 sales 🦄

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