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Bonnet or Hood Ornament

Ed Rooney


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17 hours ago, Ed Rooney said:


Can any of you car buffs tell what model Mercedes Benz from the bonnet or hood ornament? 





Not enough to tell,  as a long time M-B owner, 1962-2012, I would say that it is a badge from

a 1998 to 2002.  Do a Goggle search for Mercedes Benz. org, they should know the answer.


Hope you are well,




Chuck Nacke

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I’ve owned six mercs from 1980s through to 2016, my C class estate (2012 model) had this badge type on the hood (but no star). It appeares also on early E class cars (see image HPTB14) but my later E class models discarded it in favour of the three point standing star only.

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48 minutes ago, Nigel Kirby said:

Hi Edo,


Mercedes-Benz logo 1926


have a look at this site for the evolution of the logo design:





You seem to have found it, Nigel. Thanks. And thanks to all you car enthusiasts. 


It's a toss up for me — do I know less about flowers or high-end autos? I find them both beautiful and mysterious. 



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It certainly was present with the exact same background on Vito and Viano Vans of the previous model. Don't know about the current one, the V-class.

1000logos gives the date as 1933-current.



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