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smartphone with 1" sensor

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Admittedly I'm guessing here but as the sensor gets larger then the focal length needed for any particular angle of view increases and this creates the main problem in a slim phone. I see that this is an 'ultrawide', equivalent to 19mm in '35mm' terms, only slightly narrower than my Canon 17mm TS-E. That means for a more standard view you'll need to crop the result, losing the advantage of the larger sensor. Obviously great if you go for that ultrawide view of course.

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If I were into smartphones, I'd certainly look out for a UK launch, but I'm not, so won't. But a 19mm  "standard" lens sounds interesting, I use wide angle a lot; or at least I did when there was some money to be made in this business


Speaking of smartphones; got no smartphone so can't be "pinged" which is handy at the moment. I do have a proper paper communication from the NHS certifying that I have had two Pfizer jabs when and where. You don't have to rely on an app on a phone. Took just two days and free

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