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Is there a business plan?



I'm thinking about my reaction to the commission change. It seems like the final nail to me.


The way I'm trying to think is not about the past and what has happened but about today and the future.


If you were to start today would it make sense?

Can I make a business case for creating new images to licence on Alamy?


Using rough forum averages one sale per month per 1000-2000 images seems 'normal'. Some contributors have better ratios but then they edit much more rigorously so they generally have fewer images on sale which cost more per image to produce.


The average net sale is probably about $10 - is that far off your experience?


Creating 1000-2000 images to produce $10 x 12 = $120 per annum ( which will only decline as the library increases in size and net fees fall) does not appear to be the basis of a business. 


I am very interested to read the thoughts of others on the business 'sustainability' of being an Alamy contributor.


Or is this now a question of a hobby pastime for a bit of fun and the ego boost of playing the role? 

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Before you get to the business plan, you have to have an interview. If they did, mine might have gone like this...


Alamy:  So you want to be an Alamy contributor?


Me:  Yup, thats me,  dead keen, ready to go!


Alamy: Do you have any experience?


Me: Loads, really, loads and loads! I read Amateur Photographer! Well most weeks.


Alamy:  Can you tell me about your experience?


Me: Of course!


Alamy:  Go on then.


Me: What now?


Alamy:  Hmm hmm?


Me: I had a picture published in the paper.


Alamy:  Tell me about it.


Me: It was some ducks, in the harbour. I sent the picture in to the paper.


Alamy:  What did they say?


Me: What the ducks? They sort of quacked a bit, you know normal duck stuff.


Alamy:  Nooo, The paper


Me: Not much, muttered somethng about a space to fill.


Alamy:  Mmm did the paper pay you for this picture?


Me: Oh no, gosh, do they pay?


Alamy:  Mmm, you'll do.



Stay safe kids. (yes its Key wording today..)






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I'm thinking of a new business plan. 


Sell my port to Alamy for £100,000. + tax £20,000 + VAT £24,000 = £144,000.

That is only about £26.50/image.

BUT there will be conditions attached.




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