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Location and Date field

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The location field is no longer searchable so put it in the caption if it is important. I don't think you need to fill in the location field. I'm in the habit of doing it from before when it was searchable.



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I still fill in the location field for my own puposes.


The date field populates itself so that's not an issue.




Many people choose to remove the info from the date field, though, or to manually enter a year only.  I imagine that they don't wish to 'age' their photos with the idea that this keeps them fresh from a sales point of view.


Personally, I think that buyers will use the 'new' tab if they want to find images that are less likely to have licensed elsewhere.  Should they be on the lookout for images from a certain time period, then the IPTC date info will be useful to them.  Just my opinion.

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