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Better photographer required


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Driven to watch some daytime TV due to lockdown and the weather, I tuned into Bargain Hunt today. For those unfamiliar with the format, two teams of couples buy stuff at an antique fair and have to try to sell them for a profit at a public auction.


Today we saw samples of some of the photos used by the auction house to sell the items over the Internet. Normally auction houses provide good quality photos to tempt the bidders, but on this occasion I couldn't believe how poor the pictures were. The sellers had little chance of tempting buyers online, with the dark images that seemed to lack detail and with little thought given with regard to viewpoint.  Looked like they might have been taken with a phone. 

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13 minutes ago, John Morrison said:

I'm amazed at some of the poor quality pix that (some) estate agents use for sales literature. The last time I sold a property I did the pix myself...

My wife was looking around with her mother a couple of years ago and they were hugely disappointed when they went to one flat. It seems that it is now routine to convincingly 'decorate' and populate rooms with fake digital furniture on estate agents' websites, no small print to explain either. Doesn't seem right to me.

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