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I'm Sally Fly Me


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Mandy was the inspiration for 10CC. This one is Sally. 


Is it a Lockheed Electra still in use by National Airlines when this campaign of using stewardesses names tarted started c 1971?



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I agree. That may get you the name of the airline and the route.

Incidentally they were sometines called "nostrils" and are intakes for the cabin pressurisation. Everyone else used bled air from the engines, so no nasal accoutrements.



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Definitely a DC-8. Their DC-8 fleet list https://www.planelogger.com/Airline/Fleet/National_Airlines/129702#RegistrationList


The 72 on the nose could indicate one of the airframes ending in 72, such as N6572C, but that's just a guess.


Also, having ground equipment with the company logo would normally indicate a fleet hub, or base, rather than a destination which would have their own equipment.

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From airteamimages.com, a very rich resource of aeroplane images.


Douglas DC-8-52


From airteamimages.com A spanish air force DC-8-52.


Douglas DC-8-54CF Jet Trader


This may be the actual aircraft? Douglas DC-8-54 Jet trader? From their list of

Douglas DC-8 National Airlines (1934-1980) aircraft.

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