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This will solve your storage problems...

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$40k sandcastles aside, storage is getting a bit of a problem, though. I'm pushing 25TB at the moment on 3x10TB as I'm paranoid of anything larger, backed up onto a 2nd copy 3x10TB stored in a different physical location, so 50TB overall filled, plus various smaller 4-6TB drives for everyday use on older stuff that is re-visited (but is backed up in RAW and some tiffs, plus edited batches of final client images on the larger drives, too), and it is all getting quite painful to maintain. Trying to move to a Thunderbold raid system, but whilst that will make physical complexity less unattractive and probably improves performance, the overall capacity problem remains. (and it's a pricey system if I again want to maintain two separate physical locations). Dunno....🥴

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Maybe a good ideal to backup/archive on various media such as BluRay. For long term archive I use Verbatim M-Disk BD-R 100GB disk.


Also if your backup is at the same location as the original data then it's not backed up....


David L. Moore

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Busily culling my digital NEF library of unnecessary files. I suddenly realised how expensive it has become to have two back-ups and my main drive to upgrade/ replace at the same time. Deleting old files seams like a short term solution to a problem which only gets worse the larger the file sizes become.

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I currently have over 25 Western Digital (WD) 1TB externals,  I remember when a WD 1TB external cost over  $300.00 USD

now I buy then for $50.00.  In all of my years using WD externals I've only had one fail and I was able to recover all files

from the drive.  I can not imagine using, storing files, on a 2TB+ drive, while I have not had one fail, I know at some point

one will.  I do keep NEF, 16bit TIFF conversions and a master file of all uploaded images (JPEGs) on at least two different drives.



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