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Identify type of Fungi

Alan Beastall


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12 hours ago, Alan Beastall said:

Thanks Mizbrown, I think you are correct.



Laccaria amethysyea. (Amethist Deceiver) Cap is deep purple or lilac when wet, drying to a pale pinkish-lilac.


That is what caught me out. The image I have in my book is the pinkish-lilac and not purple. It only mentioned purple in the description.




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46 minutes ago, Nigel Kirby said:

Have you tried using "Google Lens App" on your phone when I use it on your photo on my mac it come up withLaccaria amethystina.



I always cross check  Seek and Lens results with Google and/or Wikipedia, which seems to have some people who are fungus enthusiasts putting in a lot of useful information.    Seek and Google Lens apps are worth having, but not absolutely accurate. 


The ideal would be two or more different programs that compared to two or more different visual databases.   Given that Alamy has mis-identifications of Red Tailed Hawks and Google does image sweeps here,  ideally check any IDs against state or country sites done by state biologists for the type of organism if possible.   I had one damselfly ID'ed by a state dragonfly and damselfly site.


For fish, try FishBase.   There are a number of mirrors -- Wikipedia article on FishBase lists them.  Pick the closest to you.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FishBase

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