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Locations in Europe


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Help to locate please would be much appreciated. 


1) Switzerland








3) Could be the wrong way around - a huge railway station in the background and a river on the right




Thanks for looking.

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6 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

Sorry can't help but am enjoying looking at your posted images.





Thanks Allan.


I feel privileged to be working with them, they belong to a family friend. Her husband's grandfather was a photographer and he obviously bought some on his travels as well as taking his own.


I can't really explain it but particularly working on those ones of young girls. You think that this was 120 years ago, they are no longer with us, they lived their whole life and have died, and now I'm working on their likenesses as young children and about to launch them into the world for others to see. It makes it hard to stop when there are dust marks all over them! 



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3 hours ago, geogphotos said:

Thanks Mark. 


Oddly there are far more old historic images than modern ones for that village. 



Hotel Meyerhof saved for flats!


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