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Hi Guys,

I know I could as MS but I know I will get the right answer here and faster.


I recently went through my older images and changed them from RF to RM and part of the email i received today from MS read


Your images marked as "Sold/In Purchase path" will be removed


There were quite a few and only one I know to be sold a while ago


My question is, will these images be taken away from a potential buyer when they are removed?

If they are in a lightbox somewhere will they suddenly disappear?

I realise if they have already sold then it is too late but am interested to know about the rest.



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No- I got the heads up from MS about some Barcelona photos that were wrongly down as RF and was asked to change them and as I was changing them I went through my older images and changed a few of those to.

It seems some of these may have sold or on their way to being sold

The email read


Hi Paul

Looks like you've been updating your keywords recently and one or more of your RF or RM-E images were flagged without property or model releases; this would have produced a warning message in the Manage Images.

The images can't remain on sale as they are and so from the list below:


• Your images marked as "Sold/In Purchase path" will be removed.

• Images marked as "Licence Change" we'll convert to RM in ten days time.


If you don't want us to convert the licence please reply to this email within ten days and we'll remove them for you.

If you're happy with the licence conversion then there's no need to reply to this mail.


Just to note the check of your images is purely on database logic surrounding people, property, releases and licence type.

We've not viewed your images and made the decision, so it may just be an annotation error; in which case correcting it will mean we make no changes in ten days.

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It's a form letter, not all of it necessarily applies to you. If you have not marked any for deletion, none will be. They'll have their licence type changed.

It could be unrelated to what you've just asked for, or they may have run a check.

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They have also targeted one of my Barcelona images -  Trouble at Mill re a certain Gaudi or associated copyright perhaps?


Mine was not on purchase path and they are just informing me that the licence type will be changed to RM - something that I requested when this first blew up. 


I believe that it is Alamy practice to remove an image from sale if it has been sold and then the type of licence changed.  Presumably they don't want the situation where the image could be sold as both RF and RM. 


As Mark says, I presume that you will get your cash for sales not yet fully concluded, but the photos will be removed from the collection.

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Then you are in luck- they're sales which haven't reported yet. Those sales will go ahead and the images will then be removed within, IIRC, 3 months. I don't know about lightboxes.


It's my understanding from Alamy that 'purchase path' means any image sitting in a lightbox too.


So not limited to license(sale), OP should not get too excited yet.


May be MS wold be kind enough to clarify the term 'purchase path'?




Chris E

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Just got this reply for the same question from MS



The images currently in Sold/Purchase path, if they have previously been downloaded will be invoiced if the client has used them.

The images already added to the light box will be there even if the images have been removed from the database.

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