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  1. RM and RF for the same image

    I always thought that an image can be either RM or RF and if we labelled it as one at a library, we had to stick to the same RM/RF classification if we then sent it to any other library. But I just I came across a library that offers images with the option for the buyer to select whether to buy as RF or RM. I was surprised to see this. What does everyone think of that? Andy
  2. RM vs RF usage...again!

    ..again, i'm sorry! I apologise for debating this again and again but i was looking at your ports, people who confirm daily in "slow month" or "post your positive results" or "which is your <month>---something" they're good sellers. For the following categories i've noticed some of you use RM, some RF (maybe Editorial) and i really couldn't find a reason to stay relaxed on that or to say to my mind "now i' see the light!!!" - Food - Landscapes without people or brands - Wildlife / Animals - Not branded objects How could you explain the RM vs RF usage then? Technically and legally speaking, each of the above category pictures could go in the RF market, but.... many uses RM (as i do). Which are your thoughts? Thanks in advance to share these.
  3. RF or RM sells better your image

    Hi, guys. I would like to ask RM or RF sells better your image. What kind of rights do you prefer to check your images on Alamy?
  4. Trying to come to grips with the new image manager. I have two pseudo's one for RF and one for RM. The default appears to be RF and the pseudo is correct for that. But when uploading via the image manager how do I change the psuedo and license if that batch is intended to be RM? It appears those can be changed after the fact, but the image is at that point already on sale, and I thought you could not change the license after the image was on sale? Maybe it is just that simple but I'm confused. Would anyone care to clarify please?
  5. Tough newbie questions

    Hi, New guy here I have couple of questions I couldn't google answers to... I hope you guys could help me here. First just wondering about if it's allowed to have image sold as rights managed licence exclusively and also have the exact same photo selling on print on demand site (Fine Art America) at the same time? As far as I know Fine Art America only sells prints and now licences? Also if I'm having a original photo selling as right managed licence in Alamy but also I have different edit of the same photo for example added light spot with lens flare and reduced size and selling it on microstock site... Is this allowed to do? Thanks!
  6. How Is This an RM Sale?

    Can someone tell me how this is an RM sale? Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Single company - multiple use editorial only Industry sector: Education Start: 24 March 2017 End: Unlimited This is the second one I have had. Both are iQ sales. I know there is special licensing with iQ, and you are usually selling to the company that owns the brand in the image, but sill, is this not RF? With multiple use and unlimited time, how could this be classified as RM? Jill
  7. Just wondering how many of you gave a try to RF instead of RM. I mean, did you try some batch of pictures like RF after a long time of RM? Any increase of revenues?
  8. Hi, I started a few months ago to sell MicroStock photography... I'm stating to wondering ; how can I sell an image that could become a cover for a book, a music album or even a mobile App cover ? Thanks
  9. hey i'm new at alamy. I want to know should i RM or RF for my nature shots, Which one license type should be more profitable for me Thanks
  10. RF or RM?

    Hi, I am new here and don't know the exact difference between RM and RF licenses. I chose RF for my first 8 submissions, but searching for keyword like "Boeing 747" on Alamy I saw that the majority of photos were RM. Which one should I choose for my next photos, which one is better or is there any price difference between them? Thanks, Canonist
  11. Hi Guys, About to do some model release photos in studio and got thinking how pedantic we are supposed to get with the model and property releases? What really got me thinking was I have no problem getting the model release but what about the clothes she may be wearing? Do I need a release from River Island, M&S, Next? Also what about jewellery? Make-up? Surely these all come up as property? Tell me to get back to key wording and stop thinking so much and creating problems that are not there Happy Easter Regards Paul Thompson Edit No it is not an excuse to ask her to remove all of the above, lol
  12. Hi!! I'm new to the stock photo world and to Alamy. Wondering if Alamy's search results favor "RM-Exclusive" images over the other license types? Apologies if this is answered somewhere, I can't seem to find an answer. Thanks!
  13. Wildlife as RM or RF

    hi all, i'm wondering how to setup my wildlife images, if better RM or RF. Animals in general are something which sold better as RM (low volume/high sales) or as RF (high volumes) ? I know every picture is different, so which considerations do you make in order to select the above? 1) Generic image (RF) or more specific image (lion closeup VS lion at the zoo for i.e.) 2) Background which could affect the category (beach portrait VS indoor portrait for i.e.) 3) Selective focus (RF images are often with a larger depth of field) 4) ... what else? thanks in advance
  14. I have been looking at my sales and notice the following sales detail seems to be on the increase. Country: Worldwide Usage: iQ sale: Magazine, Editorial print and digital use. Repeat use. Industry sector: Media, design & publishing Start: 05 August 2015 End: 05 August 2020 I realise we hand our image over to Alamy and agree that they are able to negotiate prices etc etc... I also recognise that the market is very difficult and prices reflect this BUT we mark our images as RM for a reason over RF and I can't help but feel that this is RF by the back door. Yes it has a 5 year term but the wording "Repeat Use" basically means its a 5 year RF license ... Maybe we need an iQ opt-out the same as Novel Use, Distribution etc..... I'm not saying I would opt out but it does need a great deal of thought..... Your Thoughts?
  15. Newbie question. It seems to me that while RF license sells images based on size of the image, RM license seems to give buyers the full-size image? I work in Asia, so it seems like a lot of people here could potentially choose the cheapest RM license, get a full size image, then do whatever they want with it. Legal prosecution? People/identities and companies can 'disappear' Plus sometimes your laws just can't reach certain organizations in certain countries. Or am I mistaken somewhere about how this works? Thanks for any feedback.
  16. RF with people

    Just wondering how someone can have an image with people in it and no releases, yet have a Royalty Free license. I thought it automatically gets set to RM if you indicate you don't have a release. Yet I've just run across some that are RF with people and no releases.
  17. If I have a photograph of an individual who is wearing Oakley sunglasses, but you can't really tell they are Oakley (I know they are Oakley), can I sell the image without making it for editorial use only (since I clearly don't have a release from Oakley)? I do have a model release from the individual.
  18. RM exclusive and RM

    I thought I knew the answer to this question but I got confused today: If I sell my photo as Right Managed Exclusive do I have to delete that image for this period while license expires or not? Same question also for only Rights Managed. Please tell me where to look for this answer or tell me yoursef if you are familiar with this situation. Thanks in advance.
  19. Model Releases

    I have looked at the threads and some of this has been covered, but as a January forum newbie, I have a question about releases, I am aware of the difference between RF & RM, but I have some images of a model, that I think could sell with model release, but haven't asked them to sign the release. I know model releases are partly about people suing you in the future, amongst other things, but I wondered if you have a model release will that make the image more saleable in monetary terms in general? Or is it only more valuable, If it is used in a advert of some description, or am I wrong to think that? Thanks
  20. Licence duration

    Just wondering what this duration describes? Country: Czech Republic Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - print, digital and electronic Print run: up to 10,000 Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 01 November 2014 End: 01 November 2019 Duration: 1 month. Could the RM $15.16 fee reflect 5 years or 1 month? Compliments of the season to all readers. Richard.
  21. As I am redoing keywording going through all my uploads (Ctr 0.0. Now after a few hundred up to 0.50!!) I noticed I have to change a lot from Royalty free to RM missing licenses. Mostly logotype issues. Going through everything again I thought I do it right this time But when you do this, this message pops up. Does this mean I have to wait 3 month for the change and in the meanwhile the image can't be sold? After being sold. Is the sale vallid? And is it the buyer who decides to buy it anyhow without proper license? Somehow confused. And why should it take 3 months to change the rights? Any advice on this would be helpfull. Thanks in advance Perry Just notice I better should have posted this in the Alamy Quality Control and technical queries section
  22. Sold/Purchase Path

    Hi Guys, I know I could as MS but I know I will get the right answer here and faster. I recently went through my older images and changed them from RF to RM and part of the email i received today from MS read Your images marked as "Sold/In Purchase path" will be removed There were quite a few and only one I know to be sold a while ago My question is, will these images be taken away from a potential buyer when they are removed? If they are in a lightbox somewhere will they suddenly disappear? I realise if they have already sold then it is too late but am interested to know about the rest. Cheers Paul
  23. The longest license description?

    Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Textbook - print and e-book Print run: Unlimited Placement: Inside Image Size: 1 page Start: 28 May 2013 End: 28 May 2023 "Includes versions in all media. Compendium rights including teachers’ editions, brief editions, split volumes, custom and international editions so long as there is no more than 25% content change from the original use. All support material including instructor and student media, print and digital ancillaries and marketing/ promotional use for the edition" Is this a record? Richard.
  24. RM vs RF

    How do you all choose between RM and RF when submitting images to Alamy? Which have you had more success with as far as sales?