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Rejected by "Unsuitable Camera"

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Today, I signed up for Alamy and uploaded the first 3 images from the URL below, but I was rejected by "Unsuitable Camera".

The minimum image sensor size in "Alamy ’s rough guide to digital cameras" is said to be recommended by four thirds sensors,
The sensor size of my camera (sigma dp1 merrill) is APS-C (23.5 × 15.7mm).

By the way, the EXIF information of the file excluding the shooting information is as follows.


Manufacturer: SIGMA
Camera: SIGMA DP1 Merrill
EXIF version: 0230
Color space information: sRGB
Image width: 4704
Image height: 3136


By the way, the following cameras were also rejected by "Unsuitable Camera".

Canon PowerShot G7 X
SIGMA DP3 Merrill


What is the camera performance that can be used in the first three image tests after signing up?

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Hi, interesting camera.



You've tried to upload with photos from 3 different cameras in your first batch?? If QC fails you for one photo in any batch (including any of the original 3 on your very first upload), the whole batch is failed. They won't look at all photos, if one fails, it is enough. They expect you to to the quality control yourself. If you do try to upload again, bear in mind it could take a few weeks for approval because Alamy are short staffed due to Covid-19, and it will take even longer in your case because you've failed QC. I'm slightly surprised you've failed with APS-C sensor size cameras, however I note that they are all compact point and shoot type cameras, see below:



"Most point & shoot, bridge cameras and all mobile phones will struggle to pass our QC checks, you’ll need a camera with a good quality lens and large enough sensor. See our rough guide to digital cameras for more info."

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Thanks Steve, 


First, I uploaded 3 images with SIGMA DP1 Merrill and I was rejected by "Unsuitable Camera".
After that, I tried other cameras, but I was rejected by "Unsuitable Camera".


I understood the cause with a compact camera.


Thank you.



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The Sigma should definitely pass, sometimes the Alamy system incorrectly rejects images as "Unsuitable camera", particularly for that important first submssion, I think someone had a Fuji X100f fail just after it came out. 

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I can't add much to what's already been said but perhaps these cameras just aren't in Alamy's database (being less common) so go to automatic fail?


I've recently submitted photos from a Canon EOS 1Ds mark 1 and a Canon 450D, both absolutely ancient but capable cameras in their day and still capable of putting out good images just not the massive resolution we are now used to.


If you think the quality is genuinely up to scratch (check things like CA and noise just in case and IMO don't be afraid to use NR, they seem to be more afraid of noise than of slight softness) then query it with them.

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