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Unproductive Favorites

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Random protest will likely always be an unproductive favourite for me.  But i love how it forces me to discover local oddities.


Here little league baseball in Trieste Italy protesting fact they didn't have a field to play on anymore.  Didn't even know anyone played baseball in Italy (well i guess they didn't)  (note image is not that great, as i was out looking for food after a 25km walking day on Camino)





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On 29/01/2020 at 09:52, Dylan B Garcia Art Photography said:


Huawei Head office UK, No sales all AP, Getty, AFP,  ETC, However had had sales of tower of London with 250,000 images on alamy  also many sales of oxford with 197,000 alamy images, also never had a sale from the alamy wants list :).


Yours Dylan 


Interesting considering I had a sale of a Huawei sign I randomly came across in Vienna, but as far as I recall, never had a single sale of any of my Oxford photos.


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One week a year I become a sports photographer.

I don't have the D5 and 400mm 2.8 that most of the others do so I try to take different stuff, as a change from the racket-head-on-ball shots, hoping they will sell.

They rarely do.

My week in Eastbourne is never very profitable, but it does make a pleasant change.

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