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  1. Hi Personaly I Will not upload any more pictures under these conditions, if there are more cuts in income I will start deleting my images, When I find a New Agency, I will delete the images they want, so Alamy will be with the left overs, but I think no bonus for exclusivity will do this anyway. Yours Dylan B Garcia Art Photography
  2. I think they're are a few people like me who don't post much but, do look at the forums, there are also people who have a few images on Alamy and did not delete there images, maybe even some who have forgotten they have images on Alamy. Yours Dylan Garcia
  3. Thanks for the spot that photo is normally used by FT, some photos keep on being used even if there are lots of better images around, any way many thanks Dylan
  4. Hi Huawei Head office UK, No sales all AP, Getty, AFP, ETC, However had had sales of tower of London with 250,000 images on alamy also many sales of oxford with 197,000 alamy images, also never had a sale from the alamy wants list :). Yours Dylan
  5. well very often someone on a good pay sitting in a nice office, will expect Free Images, as for them its just a tool, and who respects cheep tools ?, also you have Panos Pictures, Magnum, who have been doing this stuff for 20 years plus, so there are already organizations, FOE, Greenpeace, WWF, that have media departments dealing with this stuff, Yours Dylan
  6. https://espresso.economist.com/43303a6b28a9ac364c40baec04aa5559 any way in the economist zoomed but not reported/billed JC4M8X Yours Dylan
  7. https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=ACYHM1&imgt=0 In a calendar $$ https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?qt=ACYHM1&imgt=0
  8. Hi Anybody used the Alamy Scanning Services, from contributors resources, if so please recommend one you have used and were happy with. Yours Dylan Garcia www.dylan-garcia.co.uk
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