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Upper vs lowercase tags?



Does it matter whether tags are upper or lower case?  If a buyer searches on for example "Cake" with uppercase first letter, will results for "cake" in all lowercase show up? 

I ask because I was entering tags and saw that I had the same tag in twice, one with first initial uppercase, one with it all lower, and it accepted both of them.  So I wonder if there is a difference. Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Robert M Estall said:

makes no difference. And repeats are accepted. You can put in cake as many times as you like. Some seem to do that frequently

My experience is that you can repeat a tag as a supertag (you get a warning) but if you try to repeat one (in the same case) it's ignored.

Before AIM, the old Flash-based system did show duplicates so perhaps you're seeing them from legacy keywording.

Another thing to note is that punctuation is ignored in search- for example, "close-up" is "close up" (two words) as far as search is concerned. So you may want to have "closeup" as well.

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