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Copyright theft \ use of image without permission

D700 Doug


I have been an Australian CFA volunteer firefighter for many years now, unfortunately at the last state election a the volunteer fire brigade was used as a political football by the conservative side of government, a faction of the brigade organization and the Murdoch press. It was messy destructive and divided the members along party lines.

I have just found that the Liberal party ( the conservatives) have used one of my photos to support their cause, I am somewhat upset about this as it both removes income from my family and their advertising is what I would call "Fake news".

Any suggestions as to how best deal with this ?

I am of the opinion that since money is their greatest motivator money needs to be involved in the settlement, were this your photo and your political views had been somewhat insulted,


What would you be asking for as reparation ?
















what would you be asking for ?

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D700 Doug,


You need to speak with an attorney or Barrister.  Make sure you have

all your information in hand.  DO NOT Communicate with the party that

used the image. 


If the image is on Alamy? You could also contact Alamy.


D700 & 800 Chuck

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Hard to put a figure on it without knowing the market, but do mention it on the Professional Stock Photographers Facebook page (ask to join if you're not a member)) as there's a poster there who knows how to sue anywhere.

You should be looking at infringement of moral rights (you have a 2001 amendment) as the use offends your political beliefs. In the UK this can at least double the settlement.

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If you want to do damage to the political party using it, contact the pr office of their opponents. Or a big newspaper in that camp.

Make sure your story is absolutely correct: that there can be no doubt that they didn't buy the image or are in no other way entitled to use it. Then it's the perfect adding insult to injury story.

Also make sure the story and it's consequences does not hurt your cause nor yourself. (How good are you at chess?)




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Where was the photo first published? Was it on your own website or did you submit it to a photo agency?

If you submitted it to a photo agency, check with them first if it has been licenced for the usage you query.

Did you submit your photo to the CFA and was it published on their website?

If so, as you're a volunteer, they would still own the Copyright. If it was lifted by the party, you have a claim.


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