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Capcha is out of control again

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Eight attempts and more than thirty almost invisible screens. someone in Alamy has turned up the sensitivity of Captcha again. Please don't be so ridiculous real users - both contributors and buyers are trying to access your systems. Stop making it impossible for them!


Remember we are not always accessing on desktops with 30+ inch screens!!!!

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I was under the impression that it was only supposed to be active over weekends.


It is now appearing at odd times when I login during the week as well on both Alamy dashboard and forums.


No consistency.




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Time to resurrect this topic ... I've been doing some research.


Captcha or I should now more properly say ReCaptcha is owned by ... you guessed it ... Google.


Which means to say that not only does it record every time you log on to Alamy, it continues to track every site that you visit thereafter until you clear your cookies. OK I may be paranoid, but it doesn't mean the ghastly Google machine is not out to get me.


My particular issue was with trying to access My Dashboard on public networks outside my home network. I was regularly requiring 60+ clicks to achieve a login. I have now discovered that Google says "it does not support Firefox on mobiles". Naturally I use a non-intrusive browser like Firefox. Of course if I use Chrome, on the same device on the same public network, login is immediate with only an occasional cursory ReCaptcha.


If I were a rich US Lawyer I might well claim that this is unfair competition in breach of anti-trust law. But as a humble Alamy Contributor, I say again, this  process in inherently flawed, and it opens all of your contributors to unwarranted tracking. Perhaps in breach of European GDPR law. I don't recall any warning that ReCaptcha is tracking ones usage. It also forces us to use Google supplied software despite our reservations.


OK I understand Alamy needs to protect it's website for "flaming" and attempted intrusions. But Google ReCaptcha's price is too high to pay.





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1 hour ago, Russell said:

every time you log on to Alamy, it continues to track every site that you visit thereafter until you clear your cookies

How do you come to this conclusion? 


I just logged in - no captcha though - and only see Alamy cookies. 


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RECaptcha uses the Google cookie. It rather depends how you are viewing cookies. It doesn't appear if you are using the Firfox/Developer/Storage rout, but does if you are using an external viewer. Also it only appears after responding to a ReCaptcha, often 15-20 sec. later.

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