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FTP Upload Quirk

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Has anyone else had this problem? I upload via FTP with Transmit on a Mac computer, but can't see this being an issue as all has been well for months, and Transmit shows all images uploaded satisfactorily. Uploading images, my FTP client uploads fast via fibre broadband. Just now Transmit uploaded 5 reportage images to Alamy's Archive_Stock directory, reporting upload of all 5 completed, and I could see all 5 images in Alamy's Archive_Stock directory. Minutes later only 4 showed in AIM, then as this had happened before, I waited 5 minutes for the missing image to show.


This had recently happened before, with 2 not visible, and AIM showing 4 received. First time this happened I waited 10 minutes, then re uploaded the 2 missing. 1 appeared minutes later, the other over 5 minutes later, then the 2 not showing earlier appeared. I had to delete the last 2 uploaded. This isn't the end of the world but appears odd.

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I’ve seen similar once before. I uploaded a set of images via ftp. They reported as being uploaded but then disappeared when I inspected the upload folder. Thinking I’d done something wrong I uploaded again. The new images appeared immediately, only to be joined by the others later giving me a double submission. It’s only happened once.



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3 hours ago, spacecadet said:

Yes, you seem to need to give FTP an hour or so to settle down before reuploading "missing" files..


Thanks for all the replies. Was just curious if it was only an issue with me, obviously not. I must have been lucky for the first 3 months since I switched to ftp uploading. With the few clients I ftp directly to I never had problems. It's no big issue.

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When you upload via FTP the images initially go into your FTP folder

The Alamy process then, at some point,  picks them out of the FTP upload folder, and processes them, putting them into AIM - At that time they disappear from the FTP folder


As your FTP upload can take some time to complete, the Alamy process may have already processed some of the first ones you uploaded.


I use Filezilla - I check Filezilla to see the queue and "Successfully transferred" - and "Failed" would be the ones that you might have to resend,


As others have said - just give Alamy a little time to process them - I dont have any problems using FTP - either from my MAC or from my phone using ShutterSnitch



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