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Some fantastic images here - Underwater Photographer of the Year

Colin Woods

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Fantastic. These guys have the creative eye, in spite of the technical problems of shooting underwater.


Photography put to its best use. How could anyone not be concerned about the environment after lookin at these images?


The image of the Ray by Nicholas Samaras takes my breath away. Which could be a problem considering the location.

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9 hours ago, NYCat said:

And we have our very own wonderful underwater photographer... https://www.alamy.com/search/imageresults.aspx?&xstx=0&userid={E0F99E75-6A62-4E52-81F8-929EF89BCDF3}&name=Carol+Buchanan&st=12  I do enjoy looking at her images and she knows a lot about her subjects.



Thank you Paulette, what a lovely comment from you. Being underwater is my life, and I care deeply about everything that lives in the marine world. I've been diving since 1979 - so into my 40th year, and I still feel so privileged to be able to share the ocean with it's inhabitants. I love to photograph the little things, the secretive things that many divers don't see, or don't even know exist.


This little crab, for example, lives tucked away inside the gut of one species of sea cucumber, and it takes a special technique to get it out.



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