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I was pretty much dormant here on Alamy since 2007, with 75 images and 2 sales. End of 2017 I decided to try again, with a target plan for 2018 being 1000 images and one sale. I managed to go above and beyond on both, and have now several sales. However, I still don't understand one thing. None of the zooms I had since the end of 2017 resulted in a sale, and equally none of the sales were shown as a zoom (I think both these statements mean the same J ).


Can anyone explain this to me?


Thank you



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I find a lot of images zoomed end up showing up on spam websites. Images sold that weren’t zoomed are likely to be alamy customers who put them in a light box and then go back to them at a later day AFAIK. With more sales you will find that some were zoomed a month to six weeks or so beforehand.

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If customers are more likely to use lightboxes (which don't show) than zooms - and if zooms are likely to end up on spam websites - why are zooms made so important in calculating the CTR which is important to rank?  Surely it would make sense to give us a measure of images added to lightboxes as well as zooms - I mean the more info we have on which of our images are attracting interest the better able we are to focus in on what customers are looking for.

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6 hours ago, Pietrach said:

None of the zooms I had since the end of 2017 resulted in a sale, and equally none of the sales were shown as a zoom

Alamy only records zooms from a subset of their buyers.  They don't give precise details but intimate that it's the bigger buyers  whose activity is recorded.  There is also the problem that images added directly to client lightboxes and then zoomed for download don't show up on zoom figures (they used to but Alamy stopped that a couple of years ago).  So it's quite possible for even a major buyer to zoom and then purchase an image without a zoom being recorded in your Alamy measures.


Equally, many zooms turn don't turn into sales.  Everyone will have their own figures.  I'm averaging 2.75 zooms per sale over the rolling year (12 Dec 2017 - 11 Dec 2018, 759 zooms, 276 sales), a figure I suspect is on the high side for many on here.  Even for a specialist where the number of images generated by searches can be quite low there is no guarantee of zooms. I've sometimes got the only images on Alamy for a search term but even that doesn't always result in a zoom or sale.



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