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Hi from England


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I like your images a lot. A couple of suggestions about keywording. Add plurals. Someone looking for a dog might search "dogs". Wildlife should have the Latin name as well as specific name. What kind of otter?



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On 12/5/2018 at 08:05, Luke____S said:

Hello, I joined up over a year ago, but have been concentrating on Alamy for the last month or so. I have uploaded a fair few new images. No sales yet. Please have a look at my stuff.


Great images well processed.


Try to include the 4Ws and How in your captions and keywords.


For instance in the rainforest shot R46NYD as an example, and I am guessing as to what it is for the purpose of my example:

W - Where is it. Pacific Rim National Park BC Canada
W - When is it. Summer
W -  What is it. Douglass Fir tree temperate Rainforest
W  - Why is it important. Removes carbon from environment etc
How -   ancient old growth.



Ancient old growth Douglas Fir tree in the temperate rainforest of Pacific Rim National Park British Columbia Canada



temperate rainforest, rainforest, Pacific Rim National Park, BC, British Columbia, Canada, tree, trees, forest, big tree, big trees, green, old growth, ancient, Douglas Fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii, fresh air, 

and also the keywords you have already used.

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1 hour ago, Luke____S said:

One more question. How important a role does the 'discoverability" play? A lot of my submissions are still in the orange

Pay absolutely no attention to it at all - it is a sneaky plot to screw your rating up.  Basically, it encourages you to use lots of irrelevant keywords to get the bar green - words that will then result in your images being found in the wrong searches so they are not zoomed so your CTR is pathetic, so your images appear much lower in searches, never get looked at and never get bought.  Even Alamys own training videos show  less keywords being used.  When you keyword ask yourself if the word you are putting is relevant to the image - if it isn't don't use it.  Some photos are easy to keyword green - especially when you take into consideration plurals (dog and dogs for example) and locations (Britain, British, England, English, UK United Kingdom are used in some of mine) others you will never get 40 keywords without using irrelevant terms,  so just make a rule to stick to relevant.

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