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  1. Slowly building portfolio

    Haha! Very good.
  2. Slowly building portfolio

    If you’re holding it up… I’d say between 4 and 7ft.
  3. Slowly building portfolio

    Thanks Alan. That seems like a good idea.
  4. Slowly building portfolio

    Thanks guys for your replies. I’ve had very few zooms. I don’t think it helps that I joined over a year ago and didn’t do much with my port until now. It it might be a vulgar question. But how much are you making on a download?
  5. Share your contributor portfolios
  6. Slowly building portfolio

    Thank you for your replies. That's good information. I haven't come here thinking I'm going to make instant money. I understand a big portfolio of varied images is required. I will keep uploading and working on my keyboarding and see what happens. You both have very nice portfolios.
  7. Hi I’m slowly uploading here on Alamy. I just wondered how long others waited for their first sale, or even if my photos are worthy of a sale? I really like the site and enjoy contributing. I appreciate I need to add a lot more to even start thinking about sales. I’m just interested in others experiences.
  8. Hi from England

    One more question. How important a role does the 'discoverability" play? A lot of my submissions are still in the orange
  9. Hi from England

    Thank you guys for all your helpful advice. Very kind of you to help me out. @Bill Brooks that is particularly great advice. I will work harder on my keyboarding and descriptions.
  10. Hi from England

    Hello, I joined up over a year ago, but have been concentrating on Alamy for the last month or so. I have uploaded a fair few new images. No sales yet. Please have a look at my stuff.