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Mandatory and Optional, and the green On Sale bar

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Hi there,


Up until now I haven't had very many images where I've had enough tags to get a green bar.  I must be getting better at tagging I suppose, but also trying to avoid non relevant spam.


Anyway, I noticed that with over 41 tags the On Sale bar will go green,  but it seems this only happens if you fill in the Optional data fields.


So, that means they're not really optional are they?


Anyone else slightly annoyed by this?


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The Optional tab is said to be optional, but it actually contains some very important fields. If you have people or recognisable property in your image and have no model or property releases for them, then this should be indicated in the relevant fields in the Optional tab. I think the optional tab is not quite as optional as it first seems and I would take issue with Alamy for putting those fields in the optional tab in the first place. The Alamy library has strong leanings towards editorial photography and many, many images need those fields to be properly filled in.


But as Crypoprocta states, you need not take any notice of the green bar; it is a misleading irrelevance. Just make sure your caption is accurate and descriptive. Enter those keywords (tags) which are relevant to the subject of your image. Try to imagine whether a keyword might return your image in a search where it doesn't belong (as far as you can, we all get some false positives in customer searches). For example, many outdoor images have trees, but I would only put trees as a keyword if the trees were the main focal point of the image, or were significant to the context of the main subject (e.g. bear, poo, woods, trees) :)

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Just now, RichardNixon said:

Cryptoprocta, you're right, after reading a lot about Going Green I'm not worried, but I agree with Joseph, these so called Optional fields are obviously not "optional" and shouldn't be ignored.


Like I've posted elsewhere, when I have out of focus dots which may be people, I now don't fill in the people box, as it's not compulsory. I don't say I have 0 people, but I don't spam searches for people who are looking for actual, discernable people in images. That automatically shows as 'No MR', in case you wondered, and there's almost always property in them which means they couldn't be used commercially anyway.

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