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  1. No emails received for the last two submissions. I've just had to keep checking.
  2. Cryptoprocta, you're right, after reading a lot about Going Green I'm not worried, but I agree with Joseph, these so called Optional fields are obviously not "optional" and shouldn't be ignored.
  3. Hi there, Up until now I haven't had very many images where I've had enough tags to get a green bar. I must be getting better at tagging I suppose, but also trying to avoid non relevant spam. Anyway, I noticed that with over 41 tags the On Sale bar will go green, but it seems this only happens if you fill in the Optional data fields. So, that means they're not really optional are they? Anyone else slightly annoyed by this?
  4. Hi, As a relative newcomer to the forum I was just wondering if there had been any discussion or thoughts about wikimedia commons. I had a discussion with a lady a while ago who thought that it was a brilliant idea to be able to put you r images onto the internet, and the anyone could use them free of charge! Needless to say I had to bite my tongue. I suppose it's inevitable that these free images will be used by picture editors, but hopefully they won't detract too much from all of our incomes.
  5. Hi Steve, Thanks, yes it is. Annoyingly it has started to work now, although I had closed AIM and reopened it. I've had a few things seem to go wrong that have been cured by shutting down the AIM page and then going back in.
  6. Hi all, Here's a strange thing that maybe someone else will have come across. Normally for copy and paste I would use CMD + C and CMD + V on my Mac However, in the "Caption" field of AIM, if I want to copy the caption, or even part of it, and paste to another image, I have to right click and then select "copy" from the dropdown. CMD + C doesn't work. In the image where I wasn't to paste it I can go CMD +V and it will paste it in OK Is CMD + C not working for anyone else in the "caption" field?
  7. OK, I've investigated further, and it looks like this has happened since the latest update of Lightroom. I don't know why, but on "Export" , "Metadata" it was showing "copyright only". Now, I'm prepared to hold my hand up and say I may have changed this, but I honestly can't think why I would have done it. Maybe it has reverted back to this as a default, or maybe I did change it myself in a Brain Foggy moment. I'll see what happens with the next submission.
  8. I haven't changed the date on my camera. This has just started happening in the last couple of weeks. My last submission was sent in on 27th October. I've just checked against the files in that batch for submission , and in the "optional" section, "date taken", all the date now correspond to the dates the PSD files were saved after editing. Dates are now reading 12th, 13th and 27th October in that batch. Notice I said PSD files, because the files that are uploaded are jpegs of course, and they were all created on 27th October. So I would have expected the date to appear as per the creation of the jpegs Anyway, something has occurred recently, because all my other files have shown the correct Date Taken, regardless of when I last edited them and saved them as jpegs for upload. Maybe I'm making something out of nothing. I'm sure it'll be sorted out eventually. Maybe I should send an email to Alamy and raise it as a concern.
  9. I was asking about the date because it's now not appearing accurately in AIM. I don't know enough about how important it is to buyers and I was a bit concerned that if it was not correct I could be missing out. But thinking about it I don't have any historical or archival images so maybe I don't need to be worrying.
  10. Hi there, A bit of a newbie question. I'm still getting the hang of the AIM, and then they go and update it so that the "Date Taken" no longer reflects the actual date taken. But that aside, how important are the captions? Are they searchable? Is important information supposed to go in there or is it good enough to just have things like locations and dates in the tags? I can imagine captions becoming just a long rambling collection of description, location, dates etc. In fact more or less what you put in the tags So, do I now need to put location and date taken in the Caption, or will they be found if I just put them in the tags? Many thanks
  11. This is something I've just noticed. On my latest submission the "date taken" seems to be more like "date uploaded" the submission before that was a mixture, and all the ones prior to that have been accurate. Is this something that will be addressed? I can't honestly be bothered to go through images entering the dates taken, especially when it used to work fine, and when its in the "optional" section. I accept that these teething troubles will occur when there's a change to how the site works, but it is a bit irritating.
  12. So basically if you want a location to be searchable you need to put it in as a tag? If this is so, why bother putting it in the "Optional" location at all?
  13. That's what I was wondering. The predictive location was really useful. Hopefully it'll come back...
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