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How do I link to my photos by pseudonym?

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After all the complaining about our name being searched, Alamy kindly disabled that, which means all my links to my photos, by pseudo no longer work. (I hate it!)


So now, how do I make a link to my images by pseudonym, so only those will show. I like to send people so see my various collections, and I can't seem to figure it out? Did Alamy add some link mathod that I'm blind, and don't see?


And I hope all you people who think CTR is the end of the world, are happy. I'd like to see people who track this, show me how disabling the artists name or pseudonym name search which made things easy to find, has improved the magical % numbers, increased sales and for the lost ability to find people and their collections, had made things better for someone?



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If you use the "Advanced search" you can still search by name


I knew it was something obvious. OK change my name to Mr. Magoo. And thanks! I'm gone to try to restore the links.


I still wonder if CTRs went up or we all lost easy linking and easy ways for people to find our images by name, for no reason?

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